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Hi Mayflower,
My current gf is bi. She goes through "phases" for a few years, where sometimes she likes women, sometimes men. She is currently in a "man" phase, so we are dating. You may have "phases" also. Don't worry about it. Try to accept yourself for who you are.

She has a need to be in an open relationship, so we agreed to do that, and tell each other about our FWB. We are the primary couple, and consider ourselves "lifemates". But we do communicate. If someone is uncomfortable with adding an FWB, that's ok. I have not any of her other guys yet, I did not feel the need to. However, we both like the same type of people, so I feel comfortable with who she chooses.

When I date other girls, I do tell potential girl "others" the situation I'm in before the first date. First, I talk to them online and on the phone to see if we are a good match, then I tell them about my gf and open relationship. I do not have secret affairs, and if the "other" has a boyfriend I want to talk to him personally. I want him to know about me also, and be good with it.

Oddly enough, whenever she tells me about a new guy, I am very happy for her. I am not a jealous person at all. We talk about it, she is so excited about it, and I'm so happy she's happy. I think that's how it should be.
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