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I figured I'd pop in here and give a little more detail. I don't know how much HMA is going to be around.

TO make a very long story short, Anne came to us a few days ago and said that she felt a need to "pull back" and "take things slower". Upon further conversation, I got it out of her that she'd broken down and started talking to Mike again. He manipulated her, told her what she wanted to hear, and got her to get back together with him.

When she was back home this past week, she cheated on us with another man - who has a girlfriend. She then cheated on us with Mike when she saw him this weekend. She came clean to Mike about everything, and he decided to brush it off, tell her what she wanted to hear, etc. She lied to him too - she told him that she was only using HMA and I to "put some spice" back in their relationship.

I spent several hours there last night, to no avail. She told HMA she only got involved in the triad in hopes she and HMA would build something strong enough to get me out of the picture, and admitted the reason she never had a problem "sending him home to me" was because once she felt like she'd gotten what she needed from him, she didn't want him around anymore and could send him home to me. And a whole lot of other amazingly hurtful, awful things. She lied to us, manipulated us to get what she wanted, and when she figured she was done - that was that.

She knows what she's going back to with Mike. She admitted she doesn't think it's going to work. She knows she'll be another statistic in an "on again, off again" relationship. But it doesn't matter to her. HMA is far more hurt than I am. His confidence is killed, it's really bad. And problems got created in our relationship for nothing.

I don't know that we'll try this again. I'd be willing, as it stands - he's not. I don't blame him.

Thanks for being there for us, everyone. Hope you have better luck than this.
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