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I am 25 (female, bicurious) and he is 26 (heterosexual).

We have been in a mono relationship for almost ten years. We have a great relationship. We are each other's best friend. We have great communication and wonder if there isn't anything we can't overcome. We are both sci-fi readers and that's what introduced us to the idea of poly.

We are poly noobs and are still in the research phase. We have been considering it for a long time, but are almost ready to make the jump. After nearly 10 years together and a long life ahead of us, we don't want to stagnate. Also, he is a very sexual person while I am not. We don't want to break up, but we want us both to be satisfied (me not feeling obligated to having sex all the time, and him still being sexually satisfied).

Our biggest challenge is finding a local poly community. We'd love to meet others in this community, but can't find much in our area.

I'm glad we found this forum.
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