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Default New, curious, confused.

So hello all. I'm an almost-20 female who is just recently have really started considering Polyamory in regards to my life and relationship. I am currently in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend/lifemate...thing. I never know what to call us. It's been almost four years now and while it might not seem like a long time to some, and certainly it does feel like time flew but I feel like we have a very stable foundation.

The whole Poly discussion between us started with my reading a story that featured a Triad, which Crypt (his usual online nickname) had never really seen or heard of. Not thinking much of it the idea was set aside as something interesting but nothing more. Several months/ a year passes and I'm doing some introspection and realize I have feelings for one of my best friends, another girl. Although I had a 'bi-phase' in middle school I had decided after a while I was straight. Or possibly bi-romantic. Crypt thinks I might be actually bisexual. I don't really know.

But anyway I let that thought go about my friend because it felt like a passing thought, not a great desire and I didn't know how she or Crypt would feel about it, and I never really put much effort into the idea.

A few months pass and Crypt brings it up. I'm not actually too surprised because I know they were close and he cared a lot about her and sometimes the way he said things did sound like a crush. So we talked about Polyamory. My friend was in a relationship though so we decided to try and make some friends by way of the PolyMatchMaker site and see if that lead anywhere. That happened all of a week ago. The forums on that site are rather slow though even if the people are pretty nice so after lurking here for the past day or two I've decided to post and hang out in a more official way.

TL;DR : Hi, I'm young, new, need people to talk to about these things and this forum is faster than the other site I'm on. I like to bounce ideas off of people and like to ask for advice a lot but hopefully I won't be too much of a nusence(sp?).

Also I love to talk about myself so feel free to ask questions xD
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