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Lol, I don't eat tuna either. I found the most amazing book when pregnant with my first called the complete organic pregnancy. It is highly inadvisable to eat tuna when pregnant because of the steadily rising mercury and pcb levels. Another difference is that eating tuna gives your body a slight chance of expelling some of the tuna and it's contents through the digestive system. Injections do not offer the same opportunity. Also, the safety of the amount of mercury in that sho does not take into account the total amount of mercury that would be in your and your baby's body cumatively, including all the vaccinations, tuna and other sources of environmental contamination that you in particular may hve been exposed to. It is insane o take te amount of mercury in the single shot out of context and declare it safe. Not with the increasing amounts of cancer and chronic illnesses developing in humans.

I am a involved with many many pregnant women as I am a doula and I do see how our culture often accepts the authority of a doctor over doing their own research. I decided for myself that I am not comfortable with that, and I am no alone in that as you have mentioned. There are many women who now are doing research but it is far from the vast majority. I am happy to hear you are one of them, even if we don't come to te same conclusions on the issues <3

I live in an intentional community so there are lots of people around to help out. We are focused on returning to a balanced, tribal centered lifestyle where we work together to provide a healthy self sufficent lifestyle based on the principles of ascension of the soul. Part of that is not putting toxic dense materials into ou energetic fields but finding other ways of healing and maintaing our natural state of health. Our community is open to everyone, including single parents and the elderly. I'm sure I will be well supported and nourished through my third pregnancy and child raising years <3 I am truly blessed <3
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