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If you accept the "precept" that "all relationships are usery." Then by expansion on that proposition, the relationship ends at a point where one or both parties no longer have a use for the other party.

However, I do believe we all continue to have a certain empathy for the party in the former relationship.As to whether that empathy translates into a continued friendship demands entirely on facts, circumstances, and the influences around the parties individually.

For example a poly husband and a mono wife split up. By divorce decree the husband pays the ex-wife $1,100 in monthly Alimony. Now one may suspect that the ex-wife may feel that a friendship is out on the question in the short term, but $1,100 coming in each and every month may soften that stance, in effect she is still using the relationship.

After a time the ex-husband may rationalize that the Alimony is using the relationship, but he may wish a friendship with the ex-wife because as a poly, his natural instinct is to continue to care you those he has loved in the past.

So basically, once the emotional aspects of the break-ups are resolved. We move back into our own self interests, and those interests usually include communicating with those who support us.

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