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Anotherconfused- good for you staying the course and pacing yourself. It could take forever or never happen that you get to have sex with these men, but you have integrity and I like that. It makes me grip harder on to my own.... I commend you for staying with this struggle and having grace.

Lets hope that in time and with more understanding that he sees you can be trusted and be a partner he can be proud of. You are not wrong in your thinking and in who you are, but it is a really difficult mix the one you have with your husband. Picking something and trying it out is really all one can do I think...

The DADT thing is tricky. I am crap at it. I can't keep secrets to save my life, so I keep my distance from my Leo and benefit from his company and conversation. I know it seem ludicrous to some, but its working for now. I try not to think beyond that.
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