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I'm not sure that poly is the most important variable. I think the first variable that has to be addressed is whether or not the breakup was mutual. If one of you is still in love with the other, friends is probably not going to work. Or if the break up was acrimonious. Also, how much time do you expect before jumping into a friendship? How mature are both parties? Do they have an agenda in the friendship? I know mono people who have pursued both paths and poly people. It is fair to say that society often dictates that exes aren't usually friends. Perhaps people drawn to poly are less likely to comply with society's norms? I think that poly does also acknowledge the possibilities for people in different roles. However, plenty of monogamous people are capable of all these things AND do them. I am personally of the out of my life camp. At least for a good long while after the break up. I find it to be too painful and not worth it.
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