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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
Quick question for AC:

Your husband's lack of sexual passion for you: was it always there? (i.e., YOU always had to initiate, he NEVER was all over you physically?) Or did it manifest AFTER you "came out" to him about your feelings for other men?
He's never been all over me physically. It's a challenge: he's very enthusiastic in bed. But I can't go through my day (or week or month) with a roommate-type of interaction, and then get myself in the mood to offer sex.

I don't think my "coming out" to him changed our sexual dynamic. All it did was feed my appetite for sex. Which I actually think he has enjoyed, since he likes having sex, but just doesn't seem to know how to seduce me. Yet when I've said so in so many words, he's horrified to think my horniness was brought on by someone else.
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