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I would also add to what sourgirl said by mentioning the snowball effect....once things get rolling down hill in a negative way it could very difficult ...if not impossible to stop. Everything right now is hypothetical...your love and affection for the other guy's you would handle NRE... and all the subsequent reactions from your husband.... have you factored that whole cycle and all it's could get very complicated and messy very very fast.....and with the NRE in play it will be as if it snuck up on you ...and then it's damage control if you even care at that point.

He says today he'll stick it out til the kids are gone but we've seen many roll through who can't ....myself included ....I said what your husband said....for years .....and in my case it could have been used against me...regardless...things change....enough pain or discomfort can and will bring about change. Then you'll be free to play out the fantasies about ...him not being around.

ps...sourgirl ....Stuttering Bitch great band name ...

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