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It is difficult to speculate what "K" issues are without a bigger picture of the situation. Has K had issues with other male partners you've had in the past? If so, are the current issues connected to the fact that D is now a member of your household.

It just an opinion, but I suspect the most men are protective by nature, its possible while K is not jealous of the relationship you have with D, some of the male protective instincts are cropping up.

These may resolve themselves over time as "K" relationship with "D" matures, D can do little to address the issue with K. K will need to resolve the issues within himself.

I think your communications with K will be helpful too. Re-exam your last series of interactions with K. Have you unknowingly, cast yourself in more of a sibling role with K than you realized?

Or has K inadvertently cast you into the sibling role?

Either way, the only way to break "k" mindset is to present yourself as more lover than friend to K, IMHO.

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