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Originally Posted by gwendolenthefair View Post
I expected he'd be gone an hour, perhaps two, and I assumed that he and I would do something as a family with our children, after his return. I myself try never to spend weekend time away from my family, I only very rarely do so, and then only with a very established partner.

Five hours later, he arrived back home.
This seems to me that you are looking for more ammunition to make him the bad guy. It's not fair to assume that just because you "try never" to spend weekend time away from the family that he would see it the same, especially when you were initially invited to go. You expected an hour or two, did he know this? Did he just blatantly disregard his curfew or was he just enjoying himself? Did you check in with him during this 5 hour period or sit at home and stew in resentment?
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