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Recently trying to lose weight myself. Tried exercising starting last summer but ran into what I thought was a hip problem so I slowed up on the exercising. Finally got to my MD last Friday. Yes I know its terrible to avoid the doctor for almost a year, but other priorities got moved to the front burner, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, turns out I've developing Osteo Arthiritis in my lower spine. The doctor is recommending massive dose of Anti Infla..... and PT. Neither of which fits me. So I did a little research on the right exercise. Turns out I need to add and exercise ball to my routine. Specifically I need to strength the muscles right around the spine to resolve the mild Osteo Arthiritis.

My point is with Winter on the way you may wish to consider buying a 65 CM exercise ball and work on some floor exercises. I have tried these in the past and a little effort burns lots of calories.

It may help you too.
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