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I hope this comes out ok but I have got to put something out there.

DADT is fine. The energy behind the DADT is worrisome. Just be careful you aren't setting yourself up.

I'll be honest - people say "kissing" is fine but we are all adults here. What does kissing actually entail? Close body contact with grinding pelvises? Hands groping each other. The feeling of the persons arousal through their clothes?

I think anyone who says they can limit this type of energy to the mere touching of mouths is deluding themselves. Kissing is the tip of the iceberg. You have to be prepared to take the DADT to the complete limit in my mind otherwise you will end up in long arguments about what you thought was ok and what he actually meant was ok.

If you're kissing with a DADT policy then you might as well be having intercourse...because that is where this is leading in my opinion.
DADT is fine...but don't be delusional in limiting your intimacy with this other man. You're hubby just has to accept that he is signing off for complete DADT no matter what you do with this guy.

And then you have to do the DADT like a pro. Because if I am right, hearing even a snippet of what is going on will change things for him.

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