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You might try looking at the tag section here under research in the tool bar... "descriptions" might be helfpul... "definitions" maybe?

Poly is hard to define. It is a personal thing. If you look at the CPAA website there is a definition there that was used for the court case in the supreme court of British Columbia... its a disputable definition for some as it doesn't address single poly's or the sexual aspect of the term... its more about families. Still, it might be helpful and is at least Canadian (seeing as you are Canadian).

Another suggestion in terms of tags is to look at the threads in "coming out" to see what people have been up against in terms of society and families reaction to people being poly.

"swinging" "casual sex" "open" "sex" "cheating" all good tags to find threads about the sexual aspect of poly and the question of swinging and having non-poly relationships.

Really there is a lot to read here that would or could answer your questions. Most of us who are regulars have answered all of them over and over again in various ways. They are general questions that have been covered many times. Hopefully reading around a bit will help you get the idea of it all.

good luck with your research.
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