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He is Mr. Condom. They use protection, and he always has them all over the house. Obviously that is not the case for baby making we have been cohabitating for over a year (even before this relationship ever began and he always has condoms. Since he has been living here we have all been together every single day. The date last week was the first he has been on outside of the relationship. Also I am very connected and intuitive, it's extremely hard for anyone to lie to me as I feel it right away. I have no need to fear. I have also done the standard blood workup for pregnancy as I'm rh- and that needs monitoring. I am extrememely healthy and baby is growing so fast, we wonder about the possibility of twins <3 I don't do ultrasounds of any type so we won't know until I can pick up heat tones with a fetoscope after 20 weeks.
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