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@ nycindie

I think it boils down to descriptors. I understand all the things you are saying, and the references as I have that in my own life, but 'healing' truly means healing to me. A 'better' time would be described as 'enriching' to me.

The same way, as if I learned something new in the bedroom, I wouldn`t then refer to my sex partner as my 'teacher'. No matter how connected we were.

So I guess I see it more as a title. Maybe others see it more as a reference to something 'deeper', or more connected.

I don`t recall thinking on this topic to hard before this thread, so it`s not something I had any issue with. Interesting how questions pop up, and our various take on things.
Probably why I come to this board, remind myself to make sure, everyone is on the same page, in my life.

Back to the topic,..with my own slant on things as previously mentioned, logically I want to say, I feel the same regarding men or women. Part of me wonders though, if a woman's ( generality) nurturing tendencies set her apart if you were to add up the numbers.
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