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Helluva two weeks! Glad they're over and done with!

After two weeks of being put off, feeling like I was the last thing on his mind (good reason for this but I won't go into it since it isn't my story to tell) and general bitchiness on my part....

At Breathes' suggestion and urging we went to Possibility's after work Friday so I could say what I needed to say and so Breathes could watch the kids while said talk happened. Turns out his wife was home? Still upset over that one as he KNEW I just wanted an hour where his wife was home so we could go out for coffee and talk.

It turns out that his communication is even suckier than I thought *sigh* and have complained about. His male primary does NOT have unprotected sex with anyone other than the core group, whew! The way he phrased it when he told me said totally other wise. To say I'm relieved would be an understatement!

We've decided to cut things back to friends right now so he can deal with the bad things in his life without feeling like he's ignoring me. We'll re-evaluate things when the badness is done with to see where things stand.
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