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Originally Posted by Stonecrow View Post
We will have to find someone who is open to alternative relationships; the last thing we need is someone who is either openly or subtly judging of our situation. Is there anyone out there who has gone this route? How did you find someone who is helpful? I would hope that any truly professional counselor would be able to put their own opinions aside and keep it separate from their professional work. But I have gone to counseling for depression issues, and I met some who are not at all comfortable with my non-Christian religious orientation, so I have no doubt there will be some who wouldn't be comfy with poly relationships.
There are poly-friendly professionals, and many who specialize in alternative lifestyle counseling are also a good bet.

Some links for you:
Polychromatic: Poly-Friendly Professionals.

Loving More's List of Poly-Friendly Professionals.

Psychology Today: Find a Therapist
. With this one, you can select "Relationship Issues" after you narrow it down for your zip code.
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