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Default Moving closer to normality

The weekend started with some uncertainty and developed into a wonderful place of contentedness and satisfaction. The only shadow is my migraine that is bugging me since yesterday.

Sward had some really rough days at work and with his back. Still pain, still lots of stress, still some tense atmosphere because of the future of the market garden. There are some things that need to change for him to feel comfortable again with his work and coworkers, but that requires him speaking up and he has had a problem with it since I've known him. It has gotten better now, because not only I am bugging him to speak his mind, but Lin as well. And he is so much more empathetic than I could ever be. Those two are sometimes really beneficial for each other.

The back pain and the strain from work made Sward kind of 'collapse' right into bed after dinner on Thursday, wherefore I slept another night on the sofa with Lin. We prepared a cherry pit bag and a hot-water bag for his back and wrapped him up. He was a little grumpy about not being able to cuddle me and sleep next to me for the second night in a row, but there was nothing we could do about it. His back wasn't better on Friday, when he wanted to meet up with an old friend originally (the one to whom he talked when I was visiting Lin the second time). She is in the picture and got some things to talk about as well and so they decided that they need to meet and talk. But he was so exhausted that he had to postpone the date to Saturday.

On Saturday we had a lot of leisure and fun time together. The day started early because of Swards back and my head. We both woke up at 4 in the morning and chatted a bit until it was 6 and we finally got up to go over to the living room where Lin was sleeping. Toooo early for him to be woken up, but there are no other rooms we are able to use and therefore he has to live with the downsides of this arrangement. He got up as well and we played the game, which we recently started together, until Sward came in and said that he wanted to go to the barber. I couldn't recall when my last time there has been and Lin needed a haircut as well, so we all went together.

Later that day Sward got the things together he needed to bake two apple pies with walnuts, while Lin and I peeled some apples. My mother came in during that time and told me about their vacation in Turkey and to wish me a late happy birthday, just like my father who visited as well. Both of them don't know Lin that well up to now. My mother has talked to him some times already and they renovated the room together. My father has seen him four or five times maybe. But what I really had to note with a smile was a little occurrence when my father talked to Lin. The English 'you' is divided into a personal and intimate form for people you know well and one that is used with strangers or if you want to be polite in German. My father slipped once and used a personal-you with Lin, reminded himself that it's still the polite one and Lin suggested to drop the formalities and just go by first name and the personal-you. My father smiled and shook hands again and introduced himself in a more informal manner.

Another interesting thing that happened yesterday was that Sward, Lin and I fooled around with each other on the couch. It surprised me a little and I stopped it after some time when my shirt was gone, because I am not in the right mindset for something like this to happen at the moment. And I knew that Lin shouldn't be as well. What surprised me was that he went along with it and I pondered a while over the possibility of him being OK with something like this. When I asked him finally, he explained that he normally wouldn't think while being intimate with me, but in this situation all he could do was thinking if he would be able to go along 'till the bitter end'. I scolded him a bit for putting himself under pressure and told him that something like this would be far in the future for now. But it felt great The pace needs to be slow to adjust, especially for Lin, but none of us is totally against it, like it seems.

In the evening I drove Sward to his friend and got three hours alone time with Lin, from which he needed two to calm down my headache. (He is really good at massaging every part of the body, which obviously lead to more ^.^) After an hour Sward called and I went to pick him up again. Back home Lin and Sward changed the sheets while I showered and all went to bed. Sward told me what he and his friend had talked about and I got to enjoy my second man at the end of the night how peaceful and great can life actually get? I am loving every minute of it at the moment.
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