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Originally Posted by bulrush View Post
If his relationship with his gf is certain to end soon, what is to be gained by him revealing the truth that he is poly with another couple? In this case, the truth will only create anger in his gf.

While I support the truth in most cases, I think this one is exceptional.
This was the main reason I posted to begin with. This is what I was struggling with, as he could have ended it without telling her but he would still be continuing along the "safe" path of not being percieved by others as he truly is. I was hoping that he would choose the truth over ending it right away, as I do believe there was something to be learned in a very big way. BUT it was his choice, his lesson. He chose to wait much longer than I had hoped, but it made the lesson even larger and had much more impact on him. I do hope we can all move to a place of not needing to create these types of situations again and again in our lives in order to make progress, but that seems to be the case. Bless my future mistakes, I pray I only make them once.
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