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Hey Nycindie !

I figured that is what people meant. Someone that makes them feel good on many levels.

For me to say 'heal,' implies that something needed mending. Someone is in the repair shop. Not that there is anything wrong with healing-sex. In many ways that is what BDSM does for many people. I see 'healing' different then sex that can be described as ; gratifying, fully-pleasurable, healthy, enriching, rewarding, etc.

Unfortunately, I find it is much like that old joke, about when people say 'I`m honest, I swear.'
Or, 'That`s the truth, I swear it.'
Usually the very people declaring it, are often not doing those things.

Those that figure themselves 'healers' sexually, and really are, find it to be more-so something they have noticed, but they carry on normally.
Those that declare it and want to 'fix' people, and offer to 'fix' people, are usually bird-brains, and full of shit.

Just my experience.....
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