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Originally Posted by vigda View Post
I went on a dating site OKCUPID and found many women who would interest me but I have put out the truth and none so far have shown any interest.
My experience was much the same. I found many that I liked the look of, and had a decent profile....about 1/2 of those, had not been online in over a year.

Of those that HAD been online within the last year, none listed themselves as "poly". Of the women in my area, who listed themselves as "poly", I found none that I was physically attracted to.

Of the women who I actually sent messages to (which, I might add, did NOT list themselves as "poly") only ONE was actually "ok" with a poly relationship....My wife and I dated her for a short while....about 2 months....Then she broke up with us.

I have not found any more since, and have since suspended my account due to boredom with the site and getting tired of rejection by women who were no "ok" with poly.
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