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I made baked quince with cloves, port wine, honey and lemon juice last night for my parents and thought of Wales. My grandmother had a quince bush. I wish I could find one for my own garden. I love quince jelly. Its such a treat! Thankfully I live in a climate that is similar to Wales so I could get one.... I just haven't found one yet.

Mono makes a great cup of tea... as does PN, tea is not the same as my youth now in Britain me thinks. When I visit there I get a mug of tea... not like back in the day with a tea pot and a cup and saucer. Mono goes all out every evening during the work week at 3.30pm (tea time). He makes a tray with a tea towel and a tea jug of milk with two cups and saucers... even the milk we get is in a bottle like the ones that were delivered to my grandmothers house. He takes the bags out just at the right time too. *joy*

I'm turning into my mother

Its funny because I feel so at home there my body aches to be there... yet when I lived there I missed the great Canadian wild. Having grown up in a small town with a Native population bigger than the white one I spent much time around hunting, fishing, pow wows... this land is my home, but Britain is my blood. One can't help their genes I think. Our family goes back much to far all over that island for that to not have some kind of draw...

back to the thread... ya, not sure where we are going here, but... carry on
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