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Default Some thanks

I have been coming here for a while and just kind of muddling through life. I have really enjoyed reading posts and seeing the support you all give each other. I have even been fortunate enough to meet some very nice people from here. I am currently in my primary relationship and I am happy for the most part. I may never be fortunate enough to experience a poly relationship again but i am inspired by the ones I read here.

I was also encouraged but public displays of poly in my last girls night out seeing trios of people holding hands and various people seemingly making out at a club but I realize that out and about, just a lot different when I was younger.

I am going on my third childhood. I seem to collect older male admirers who are just that. I guess I can live with that but hopefully... one never knows...

Anyways I guess there's no point to my rambling here except thanking you all.
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