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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
There is the side you 'love', and there is the dark, controlling side. They make a very good argument, and love to show you the dotted-line that leads to their thinking. Then everything they say sounds reasonable...

Problem is,., matter what you do, or how you do it, it will never be enough... I guarantee you, he will dump you faster then a uncle-bens-instant-minute if you so much as show interest in someone else.
... In the meantime, he will count on you being 'exhausted' over your current relationship with him. Explaining yourself constantly takes up a lot of free time.
That is exactly how I feel at times. Even if I was single and not living at home, even if we were married and living together, I'm not sure I could make him happy. Theres nothing inherently wrong with wanting more or enjoying other people, but it shouldnt be because no one is ever good enough, or to play one person against another. Still, I do genuinely love him, and hope we can figure allof this out.

I almost wish a male with the One Penis Policy would comment, so I could understand why a man would feel this way. There has to be more to it than just political incorrectness and control issues. He's empathetic and has a generous spirit in many ways.

But my boyfriend seems to think that "men are just different." I think there are bigger differences among individuals then between the two sexes. I know men who I think see the world the way I do, and women I totally dont understand at all. But he's convinced that women dont experience jealousy as intensely, they are more nurturing, less competitive, and that in men, possessiveness is just how nature designed them, it's hardwired and testosterone driven.
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