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Originally Posted by SunshineAngel View Post

(I don't know how to quote more then one in a response, so a few responses will be commented instead - sorry)
Look in the lower right part of any post. See the little box with quote marks (")? Click on that in the first post you want to quote. Go to the next post you want to quote and click it again. When you've done that to all the posts, finally click the "Quote" box in the final post. Then all the posts will be in your reply box.

If you want to break up a post, type in [ quote ] at the beginning and [ / quote ] at the end of the bit you want to quote. (no spaces) Type your reply in the middle of those.

Now I can't do that with your posts because you just used a color to make your replies.

I'm going to call you Angel because her name is Sunshine and I am not going to type out SunshineAngel every time I refer to you!

OK. So.

If she's more gay than straight, it sounds like you're ready to really make her your gf. I guess you just wanted to watch Sunshine and S have sex a couple times before actually touching her? Do you think she will get to preferring your sex over S's because she is more gay than straight? How would you all deal with that? (a common triad problem is one person preferring another over time, and the 3rd feeling left out)

It was just kind of weird you referred to a party, where you, Sunshine and S all went together, to a date for her and you, yet he lurked around and made faces at her all night...

If S and Sun talk multiple times a day, rather than grilling him on what they talked about, why dont you msg her yourself as often as you like as well?
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