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Default Crap weekend ahead

So Beloved is flying in this weekend to pack up her stuff at the house. She's not staying with me, thank deity. We have some stuff to sort out - mainly belongings where it is not clear whose it is, that kind of thing. My plan is to be there for an hour or so and then leave her to her packing.

It's going to be so hard to see her. I can avoid some of the pain because I don't see her daily. She hasn't had to leave the house (or vice versa). But actually seeing her is going to bring everything up. I want to see her because I want to say goodbye. And tell her I will see her again someday.

And I don't want to see her because I don't want to start crying uncontrollably. Which is very likely.

Fortunately, SW, who is out of town this weekend, gave me the key to his place so I have somewhere private to go that is not my house. I so appreciate this! I'm going to hang out with a couple that I've become friends with. So I have a plan in place.

Still, I'm so dreading this.
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