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beyond pointing to therapy, is the need to take a leap of faith.

Not all males want or need sex as the basis for sustaining a relationship with a women. I'm probably giving too much information about myself but while sex is the ultimate in a bonding experience it is not what holds me with a women. Deep within my spirit is the need to protect her and not possess her.

Its the free spirit in her eyes, the vulnerability in her expression that holds my interest. It getting the hugs and kisses, for the little nice things of daily life, and way she opens up about her dreams and fears that keeps me coming back.

So maybe its time to take a break from sex, and just start talking, sharing, and listening. You may have nothing in common at first but expressing ones dreams and fears often opens up the situation.

Now you're probably thinking "No Way, he'll think I'm crazy" ......... Now here's the big secret no nobody seems to remember......... We're all crazy on some level..... And to get past that take a leap of faith.

You'll never change your past, you'll never forget it either, but there is still a bright future to look forward too.

Give it a try, Its better than being stuck emotionally where you are at.
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