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Originally Posted by AnotherConfused View Post
Clear that I shouldn't, you mean? Or that he doesn't want to know about it if I do?
Seems clear to me, that he says the choice is yours, but expect repercussions. He isn`t wanting to control you, but there could very well be a end of the marriage due to it, when the time is right.

I`d now say the opposite of what I said earlier.

Things to figure out, (before poly dalliances) might be :

- Why is he married to you ? Out of obligation ? That needs nailed down.

- Does he object to feelings, or sex, or both with another person ?

- What about it, would change his feelings toward you ? If, it`s a 'respect' issue,....and he loses respect for you, due to his personal beliefs,..well, you have a very tough road ahead.

- If he is against it, as it forces him to confront his libido-issues and why things are the way they are,..well, you might have some hope.

It`s a tough spot to be in, with no easy answers, or soft and fluffy outcomes. Reconcile that now.
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