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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
It seems like you want to "claim" Sunshine as your girlfriend. You're Angel, but your screen name is SunshineAngel. Why not just Angel?I choose "SunshineAngel" as I was unable to put "Sunshine's Angel" She gave me the name of Angel.

S and Sunshine have an established romantic/sexual relationship. I get the idea you and Sunshine haven't had sex yet, or even any fooling around? We have fooled around together with S, but no, we have not had sex together ourselves Your sig says she is "our shared gf." How so? S and Sunshine msg each other daily, but you and Sunshine do not, and you're jealous (admit it) (is it jealousy or envy?) that S and Sun speak more than you and Sunshine do.

Very, very confusing.
I apologize if it is confusing. One of my biggest downfalls is my communication skills I tend to get worked up and then have a difficult time expressing my thoughts and feeling correctly. I realize communication skills are a big part of this kind of relationship, and am trying ever so hard to carefully think about what I want or need to say before I actually do.
Me (Angel): almost 40 yr old bi female - married to S: 44 yr old straight male & Sunshine: 40 yr old bi female who is our shared gf

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