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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I dont understand.

Sunshine and you went on a date? But your husband and a dozen other friends were there. Why is it supposed to be a date for you and Sunshine when S and a passel of other friends were there? Wouldn't a one on one date be more of a real date?I see what you are saying here, but to her and I, where we don't get out together a lot, we refer to any time we can get out together (either alone or with others) as a "date". Perhaps another term should have been/should be used instead.

S and Sunshine were/are in a sexual relationship? Yes they are. You didn't approach Sunshine as a sexual partner because she is married to a man and has another gf? Not really. Her and her gf do not have the same feelings for each other as they previously had. Her gf came home for a few weeks last month and they did discuss this with each other and both admitted the feelings have changed between them. But she's now still with her husband and her old gf and now somehow you think there is a triad situation with you and S and her? The discusssion of Sunshine, S and I being a triad was discussed between the three of us, so that is how I refer to it. Is sex for you and Sunshine on the table? Yes it is. She admits to being more of a lesbian then a bisexual female. It's not a triad unless you and S and Sunshine are all physically involved. Do you and Sunshine both want that? Yes we both do.

How much time or energy does Sunshine have for you as a gf when she already has a husband, a gf and a bf(S)? That is part of the problem I guess. I admit I want more of her attention then I am currently getting.

You say you are "building a friendship" now with Sunshine. But you were already friends. Do you mean there is the beginning of a romantic/sexual relationship for you and Sunshine? Yes. Her and I were 'acquantances' for many years. I actually have had a crush on her all of these years and have wanted to be apart of her life, but since she got together with her gf (H), I stepped back and let them have their time together. Do you plan on sex with her alone? I would love that!! I do not have as much experience as she does with another female, but I so want to learn. Do you plan on 3way sex with her and S? Do Sunshine and S want a 3way? The three of us have played together twice now. For me, watching S with Sunshine is a HUGE turn on.
Thank you for your questions. They do help and do make me think in ways I was not thinking or even realized I should be thinking
Me (Angel): almost 40 yr old bi female - married to S: 44 yr old straight male & Sunshine: 40 yr old bi female who is our shared gf

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