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poor nightdragon... I feel your pain, it sounds like it is really hurting right now. I don't know what it's like to feel that way. I can honestly say I never have. I hope to god that I never do.

I do however understand your dragonfly. I understand entirely. I understand beyond what you are both going through at the moment and what it can blossom into for EVERYONE. I don't want to belittle your pain, I really don't, but it does get easier.... are you sure there is not something else going on in the form of a gut feeling about what they share? You have felt like this for awhile now no? Perhaps there is something you are missing, not getting, not seeing clearly? Just wondering....

Mono helped me through some major issues last winter around my inability to be alone. My husband went through similar feelings you are as a result, but he eventually saw the change in me and consequently how I relate to him and was thankful to Mono as he was unable to add anymore help. The two of them take great pride in offering me two different but equally valid forms of support... right now Mono is snoozing on my shoulder while my husband sleeps having went to bed early due to a flu bug coming on. I would be alone tonight on our date night if Mono hadn't of come over to chat, have tea and eventually fall asleep while I go on the forum. My husband rested easy knowing my needs are taken care of so he can look after his.

Hope this helps in some way... I guess I am saying what I always do... go and find out what you are missing in your life, for "YOU." Not what you and dragonfly have together, but your own personal alone time "you (I feel as if I have said this before). " At the very least, if it all doesn't work out you will be better for it and if it does work out, you still will be better for it. Embrace yourself, embrace the work it takes to work on yourself and embrace the space you now have as she sorts out her own life. That doesn't mean less love, but FAR MORE. It takes a strong love to be able to let someone go and be themselves in the world, knowing they love you regardless.
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