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I know, however, having been on both sides that many poly people are made to feel like they're less than by the society at large. So it goes both ways. I hope in the future this problem dies down and acceptance on all sides becomes the norm.
I've been hassled for being poly in the past, so I get what you are saying.

It is my personal opinion that any minority group that has dealt with prejudice in the past, should learn from their experiences and recognise the damage that this attitude can do. Unfortunately, I've mostly seen a "not so different you and I" attitude.

On a more positive note, most of the teens that live around my area are pretty open-minded from a sexual standpoint, relative to their parent's attitudes anyway. This has lead to some awkward conversations. I don't know if it's the same where any of you guys live (hopefully it is), but I think that people are slowly becoming more open, which couldn't hurt.

I hope I don't come off as sounding superior, but I do feel privileged. I think there's a definite privilege in belonging to a minority, especially if you are also able to pass with the mainstream people as one of them. I feel privileged being a woman, bisexual, poly, multi-racial... Then again, I do think all of the above self-IDs involve a great amount of choice. Not for all people, but I have luckily not been born with an inability to be happy in monogamous relationships.
I'm actually pretty interested by this: Why do you feel privileged? A different perspective or what?

I'm bi, poly, and multi-racial too, although I lack your womanliness. I've always just felt like another cow on the cattle farm tbh; maybe that's not a very healthy attitude.

I feel it's a tremendous gift to be able to observe life from both sides and have empathy for both: mono/poly, straight/gay, white/other... You can see the good and the bad in both, and identify with both communities without feeling you need to declare once and for all for just one group and cause.
Agreed. Just replace the word "both" with "all".
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