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I have met her; the three of us even sat in her kitchen and talked about the whole thing, including the idea of his keeping us both. (This was after the first time I found out.) She was pleasant and seems like a good person, and neither of us got angry or cried or said anything sarcastic. That is the main reason I think it could possibly work. But during that conversation, she said they had only been together twice a few weeks ago, because she got "caught up in the moment," but they were really just friends. I knew they had actually been together more than that, including the very night before. When I said, "but what about last night?" she looked kind of shocked, because I wasnt supposed to know - she thought they had agreed not to tell me, but he had. So even though I like her, trust is kind of an issue. I cant figure out why it was so important to her for me not to know, and if she really is ok with it now.
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