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thanks for the resurrection.

I don't really remember the names of stuff, but I do remember taking non-violent communication a million times for work and with my husband before we married.. among other workshops... I work with people with developmental disabilities (needless to say if I hear the term "retard" used I go crazy!) and we do anything to communicate. including sign, which I don't recommend using with your partners unless you are fluent. LOL

My main aim in communicating is simply to stay as clear as possible, keep it as simple as possible and say it like it is with as much tact as I can muster. All the while staying in tune with what is going on with me in my body and mind... I spend a lot of time staying in tune with myself for this reason... I can get on things quickly that way.

I find all too often people skirt around issues because of fear. Feel the fear and communicate anyways I say. The quicker a situation, feeling, whatever is gotten to the better. If things are dealt with right away they don't build and don't turn into something they aren't.

I also like to tell people what I like to hear from them. I do this with everyone... if I do something extra I will jokingly tell people that I want them to thank me. I do this BEFORE I get resentful that no one has noticed. That way I hardly ever resent anyone and hardly ever feel unappreciated.
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