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Originally Posted by cheryl View Post
This man has always wanted a relationship with two women, and has attempted it in the past with other women, but it never worked out because of jealousy. The other big factor in this situation is that he, himself, is extremely jealous and does not want either of us to be with any other man, and even gets angry if we have male friends, if anyone even calls, or comes by, etc. To me, this seems kind of hypocritical, but I dont actually have time for another intimate relationship, anyway. I can barely manage this one. She's agreed to not see anyone else as well.

Can this work? . . . Should I try it, or run for my life?
Run for your life!!! It sounds like having two girlfriends is something he wants as sort of a trophy for this guy. Plus, he wants too much control. He is a hypocrite. Ugh.
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