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Reading back over my original post, I should clarify. I have had crushes on poly men too, but unfortunately none of them developed into anything. Iíve only had 1 secondary relationship and yes I still have feelings for E. But, I donít think two mono interests really means Iím only attracted to them, because Iíve been very interested in a few poly men(but for one reason or another, usually distance, they werenít interested in exploring it further). When I made the post, I was feeling very frustrated that E isnít open to it and secretly hoping he will change his mind. Iím happy for my continued friendship with him although I would love for more to happen.

As Iím learning Iím trying to figure out what works best for me, which is why there was so much confusion early on in my posts. I feel like I have a much better idea of what would work, specifically a secondary partner that I am also their secondary. I saw a possible glimpse of that with E and it resparked my interest in him. And my husband has been okay with E from the beginning of our discussions about poly, simply because he doesnít feel threatened by him. Not the best reason, but either way heís connected with E and been friendly toward him, knowing my interest.

I realize I'm jumping all over the place to respond, so hopefully that explains things more fully. I really appreciate the responses and questions.
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