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Just thinking about the whole topic more... this is a very sensitive subject for me, I realize. I trust my metamour, so I don't worry about this realistically, but just the very thought that he could, in theory, ask my gf to break up with me, and that in that circumstance she might say yes... scares the crap out of me. I mean, it's one thing if either she or I just decided it wasn't working out, but a breakup being imposed from the outside...

It would be different if this was someone the OP met on a dating site, was just getting to know, and could let go of with minimal trauma, but instead it's someone with whom he discovered mutual strong feelings over an extended period of time. If not love, then something that was, perhaps, well on its way there.

Love isn't everything, but it has to be allowed to count very heavily in poly*amory*... otherwise, what the hell are we doing?
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