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Originally Posted by FireChild View Post
Why does breaking up with the wife's friend mean that you can't date and be happy with someone else?
If I felt like I'd been forced to ditch a relationship with someone I loved, I'd be resentful, sad, and not at all prepared to just start up something new with someone else. Plus I'd be too afraid to do so... after all, who's to say she won't find a reason to pull the veto card again for some other, random reason?

I mean, c' mon, "pseudo-incestuous subtext"? How random is that? I mean, it's not like *she* was dating the childhood friend, he was... she was not obliged to take part. Aside from which, people do date childhood friends, all the time! Really, having your metamour be someone you know well and trust would be a great thing, even if you had to get over an initial hump of feeling strange about it.

To me, it seems like a crappy excuse for breaking two people's hearts. Either a cover for something else, like plain old jealousy, or just a refusal to do even a little emotional work of her own to try to support his happiness.

So, if she's willing to do that once, who's to say she'd ever let him be happy with any other partner?
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