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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Yeah, this is what we see here nearly every day. Maybe it's unfair to generalize, though. In some instances you can see that people do struggle with the concept of poly and then can actually embrace it, others it's a more healthy curiosity and willingness (of the mono partner), but many of the predicaments people come here and write about look like minefields between poly and mono opponents!

Oh, I most certainly think you see people who are fearful at first, but then do some soul searching and stepping outside their original box to find it fits them!

I think struggling with a concept is good-- it means you're looking it over and doing some soul-searching and questioning your beliefs. I always think that's a good thing.

I just think that sometimes you do all of that and realize it's not for you (like swinging or more recreational sex in my own case), and that's okay too.
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