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I'm sorry Rootlet if you found that I was hurtful in passing on the information I have heard from the asexuals I know. It wasn't my intention. At the talk I went to put on by the moderator I know from the forum Magdyln mentioned we discussed who is asexual and her concerns about the term being used for people who used to enjoy sex. It seems that most of the time asexual people like to bond and find community amongst people who understand there lack of desire to have sex rather than with people who are mourning the loss of it or even remembering it and now they don't have it. Asexuals have a community and support system that is different than people who find themselves nonsexual at some point in their lives. I hope that is more clear. I don't know what to call your wife and I'm sorry about your situation but in respect to asexuals and in case you go looking for support from a community that is quite fine not having sex, and can be a little put off with people taking on the title asexual for something quite different than their experience, I thought it best to pass on what limited knowledge I know.
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