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Default Three-parent children, literally

This is an old article, but I hadn't heard of it before -- apparently science has made some strides toward three-parent embryos, for health reasons (if something's wrong with one person's mitochondria), though the reality of a three-parent child is a long way off.

How fascinating! I thought about posting this in the media section, but I'm more interested in the idea than in the representation of the existence of poly folk (that said, I do think it's cool that the concept of poly was presented pretty much without bias... though who knew "trinogamous" was a word???).

Oh man, a child with literally three parents... what a dream, potentially, for triads or even vees with particularly strong metamour relationships...

But I suppose the idea is a bit selfish, since the child would have to deal with being different... then again, we're all "different" for one reason or another...
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