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Default Bi, ( Pansexual ) Gender Fluid Male in So Cal

My name is Darrin. I'm fully Bi, and really, I'm Pansexual; I adore androgyny and gender bending/blending people. I'm a part-time, passable cross dresser.
I do go out in public, this is not just for the bedroom, but it's not full-time, hence I identify as Gender Fluid. I have been married in the past, and I have experimented with multiple sex partners in the past. I am involved somewhat in the local Fetish scene here in Southern California ( Orange County ), but that is for "spicing things up", not a 24/7 lifestyle. I'm new to Cali, and I love it here, so there is very little chance that I would ever move away from here ( unless it's to another warm locale without winter, that is! ). I would consider Northern Cali, or Oregon and Washington states.

After much soul searching, experience, and consideration, I know that I'm wired for Poly, therefore I'm seeking a poly situation. That could either mean finding a partner to start a poly situation with, or joining an existing couple. My preference would be to start something new. It might be difficult to be an equal part of a relationship that is already established, but not impossible with the right people. My preference would also be with a M/F couple, but I'm open to all possibilities.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a photo on my profile, by the way.

I'm smart, fun, creative, employed, and emotionally stable. if i sound like your cup of tea, please contact me.

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