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As someone already said, POLYGAMY is multiple marriages with no reference to gender. POLYGYNY is multiple wives and POLYANDRY is multiple husbands.

None of these words references the presence or absence of love, nor do they reference religion or social values.

I see a lot of people here confusing the most well-known examples with the definition of the word.

If there is love in a multi-person marriage, it is polyamory, by definition.

If there is marriage in a multi-person romantic relationship, it is polygamy, by definition.

These are overlapping concepts - both address different things.

Polyamory references the loving relationship, there may or may not be marriage.

Polygamy references the marriage, there may or may not be love.

If people would stop stereotyping and making assumptions about other lifestyles, and use the words properly, then this is an entirely appropriate place for someone to ask about one's feelings regarding polygamy.

Polygamy, by itself, is not an inherently bad thing. Patriarchal, religious, discriminatory structures that use terror and intimidation to control the population and abuse young children (girls being forced into marriage and boys being "ejected" from the community to eliminate competition) are the problems here, and these kinds of tragedies can be found in monogamous cults as well as polygamous ones.

Please, save your outrage for the individuals perpetrating the abuse and do not confuse those examples with the label they adopted for themselves. Remember, people do that to us. We should have learned this lesson by now.
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