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We will be meeting up with T and K on Nov 4th just to hang out and play a game. We want to cement a friendship before moving on to other things. B is doing better with her schooling for the most part. We are behind where we could have been due to losing Bear but we are slowly getting back into a good rhythm.

M and I are doing well and, if things would quit breaking, we would be doing well money wise too. We are hoping that things settle down soon. We just had to replace our phones and our range. We are hoping to be able to have a good Christmas this year for the kids.

Q is having good and bad days potty training wise. I am starting to think that he will go to college in adult diapers at this point, lol. Not really but it feels that way sometimes.

N has a new potential boyfriend and they have their first date tomorrow while we are out with M's dad and step- mom for dinner.
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