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Sorry for disappearing. There are many things one has to do in life, but dealing with online attitude isn't one of them. So, instead of hanging out and getting emotionally irate about it-I took a hiatus from the board.

I'm doing well. Spent 15 days in Hawaii with Maca. There were some battles, but we're still moving along.

A couple days ago, he was playing video games with our 11 year old. Usually I would just go to the bedroom or the bath and read. But, GG was curled up in his bed while the 4 year old watched a movie.
So I went to GG's room and cuddled up with him for an hour.

It's such a tiny step it seems embarrassing to mention. But, it was a huge step for us, because I did what felt right for me AND it didn't result in any drama with Maca.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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