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There has been some of that mono bashing here and I hear it in my own community too. Its common for people who have "found the light" to think anyone who isn't interested or isn't aware of what they have discovered as less enlightened some how or ignorant. I think it's a way us humans justify and find pride in what we have discovered about ourselves. Its a way of coming to terms with the adversity from the outside world that can come with that also.

Usually it's a newbies and a certain characteristic of person that has the attitude that monogamy is full of crap and those that practice it are less elightened. Something along the lines of what GS said.

I invite you to do a search here in the search engine for our most utilized tag; "mono/poly" there are many many stories and thoughts that have passed by this way. Its a topic near and dear to me as I live with a poly man and a mono one. I think that anyone who comes here ready to promote poly as the one true way usually gets a run for their money. Not to many of the regulars are willing to let someone go un-challenged if they believe poly is better than mono and should be thought of as such.
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