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Smile im complicated but loveable and full of passion

Hello my name is Shawna. I'm gonna lay it all on the line. I've kinda tried the poly life. I was once dating a girl and guy same time. They were dating each other too. We lived together and shared our kids and stuff. Now on to y I'm complicated. I have bipolar I am medicated and under control. I'm a single mom. No one can ever seem to get past those two facts. I have lot of passion and love to share. My problem is I can't stay with just one guy. I've tried it just don't work.I'd love to be where I could have two guys who could love me and accept me and a sister wife I love and miss the special bond two women seem to share.. some friends tell me I'm wrong others say would be perfect for me. I'm wandering if this is even a possibility. Hoping to find people who can get past my bipolar and get to know me. I promise I'm worth getting to know. So let's chat and see where it goes.
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