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Need advice and help

My wife and i are new to poly , she started dating of ours friend (male) ,we both agreed before hand. This was almost a month ago and since day one its been mostly about him or them.

At first the other was worried about me and my feeling and i explained to him i was good with it all.

After about two week dating they have oved their relationship very fast and had spent almost all free time with eachother. I for once started to feel jealous not about him but time and effort in our relationship.

We had talk about overnight stay and she said she will let me take the lead in my relationships as far as time spent away from home , 2 days later she didnt come home. I got angry and blew up very bad. I got angry and i might have kick his ass if i saw him only b/c i wont hit a women.

We spoke and them both admitted they had done wrong as far as time and the way they did things. she said she would spend more time with me and he said he will take a step back . that happen 2 days ago. but they hung out today while i was at work (nothing wrong with that) but i fely bad , sad evern depressed.

I thought about a leaving because its getting too hard but that might be the wrongthing to do since i agree to poly and i really do believe in it but now i have feelings of being left out. she promise to change things and be fair and i know i should give her a chance but im not feeling very good about us or me.

I hate feeling this way , i feel small and i think i should be a bigger man but its hard. I should be happy for them but i dont at the moment.

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